EAEA Annual Events 2023

Our report on the key results of our Annual Events is out!

6 June 2023: General Assembly & Grundtvig Award Ceremony

Join the EAEA General Assembly to discuss key policy issues at the European and global level together with our members, and to get to know the new Executive Board of EAEA. In the evening, celebrate the winners of the Grundtvig Award and their innovative approaches to the green transition in adult learning.

7 June 2023: EAEA Annual Conference

How can adult learning help us build a more sustainable world in times of crisis? Explore the topic together with learners, educators, policymakers and activists by looking closer at learning in communities, and strategies for a just green transition. Join a full day of exchanges, workshops and discussions and take part in the change.

EAEA Annual Conference
Thematic Strands

Strand 1: Learning in communities

Voices of learners in the green transition: roundtable

Let's hear from learners on how adult learning organisations can strengthen the voice of learners across their activities in the area of the green transition.

Green transition and democratic processes: getting everyone on board

Let's explore ways in which educators and organisations can proactively address misinformation and conspiracy theories around the green transition.

Adult learning as a space for political engagement

Adult learning can provide a space for political empowerment or even activism to address the climate crisis. Let's explore how political engagement can build bridges across generations and foster intergenerational learning.

World Cafe

How can adult learning better support communities in the green transition?

Strand 2: Strategies for a just green transition

Just green transition as a political issue: roundtable

We will bring together policymakers and activists who will share their perspectives on what can be done to ensure that the green transition is truly just.

Building green

Participants will look at how adult learning providers and associations can look for allies, and the tools and strategies to build green partnerships.

Developing a green skills strategy

What can adult learning providers do to embed green skills / environmental capabilities in their curricula? Let's explore the concept of green skills through life skills.

World Cafe

What can we do to be more strategic in approaching the green transition at different levels?

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